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When it comes to sports we love the major sports: basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. But there are many obscure sports out there. Doubleheader Sports takes on the challenge of finding the best obscure sport.

Tyler’s Opinion

In my opinion the best obscure sport is Darts. Don’t think its a real sport, go throw 3 darts at a board and tally up your score. My guess is that it will be less than 50, professional dart players average 100 a game. The main game that is played is called 501, where players throw three darts per turn and subtract their score from the 501, once you hit 0 you win the game. The trick here is that you have to throw a “double”, which is the outer ring of the board, to win the game. So for normal people it make take awhile to go out.

Where there’s sports there’s fans, and the atmosphere in darts is electric. Darts is usually played in a big hall or pub. Long tables are set up for people to sit, like a giant cafeteria, except they aren’t eating, they’re drinking. Darts is a pub sport, so it only makes sense that the crowd is loud, drunk, and will routinely breaks into song to support their player. But surprisingly these drunks are very attuned to the game. The highest score you can throw in one turn in 180, thats three darts in the  20 triple ring (inner ring). Although not rare, it is not every turn that a thrower will land a 180. However when a 180 is thrown the crowd burst into a loud cheer and the announcer will give a loud “ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY”. What is very rare, is what is called the nine darter. This involves the thrower using only 9 darts to win the game, its quite rare and usually can’t be seen if you’re an occasional viewer. Usually by the seventh perfect dart the crowd is absolutely on edge and is waiting to erupt for a perfect game.

To help prove my point I have posted this link to show the atmosphere in darts as well as the skill.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uX57Yei_a4 (A MUST see)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYdHjMHel2k (If you have an hour to kill)

If you think its easy go to your local bar or pub and play a game of darts, if 501 is too hard try cricket, which involves you throwing darts until you hit the 20,19,18,17,16,15 and the bullseye section three time. If you hit the outer ring is counts as two. If you hit the the inner ring its worth three and you move on to the next number. Once you hit that number three times you move to the next one. First one to hit the bullseye three times wins.

David’s Opinion

I love the Olympics.  It is the best time to watch the best athletes of any obscure sport.  While watching the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney I found my favorite strange sport, water polo.  Most people know the basic rules of water polo which is, swim for a really long time and put the ball in the back of the net.  Thats all I knew when I first started watching.

Other rules include that games are broken into quarters which range from 5 to 9 minutes (Olympic games have 8 minute quarters).  The goal is 3 meters wide and and 0.9 meters tall.  You have six ‘fielders’ plus a goalie to make seven swimmers total.  Subs can be made at any time just like hockey with swimmers subbing in and out on the sideline.  To score there are two main methods.  A dry shot and a wet shot.  They are equivalent to a chest pass or bounce pass.  You can try to rocket the ball past the goalie with straight speed without the ball hitting the water, which is a dry shot.  The other option is to skip the ball on the water and have it bounce into the goal, and that is the wet shot.  While this is a little bit of a slower shot it does move a lot more which is harder to track.

Water polo is one of the most physical sports and there is no way the my tiny body could survive a full quarter, let alone a whole game.  One odd thing that is regulated is the length of player’s toenails.  Players will grow them out which gives them underwater cleats.  This lets one player dig their toes into the legs of an opponent, so one thing that is checked before the game is the length of each swimmer’s toenails.  Another crazy thing about this sport is the attire, and I’m not talking about the wacky headwear.  Swimmers will wear multiple speedos because there is a good chance that the first one will get ripped off during a game because they are pushing each other out of the goal area with their feet.  I’m just glad that they allow multiple speedos for the sake of the fans.

Here is USA vs Romania in the London 2012 games.  They have most of the games on this Official Olympic Channel.


One way to play this is to play inner tube water polo.  Which has the same rules as normal water polo except everyone is in inner tubes so you aren’t treading water for over an hour.  Also if you do decide to play with some of your friends please do not grow your toenails out, we don’t want to be held responsible for any injury caused by one of our readers.

Honorable Mention

Tyler- Cheese Rolling: Who doesn’t want to chase a wheel of cheese down a steep hill?

Tyler- Jai-Alai: A sport i’ll never be able to play, i’m left handed.

David- Rugby: It is like football without pads and forward passes, but with the same amount of hard hits.

David- Curling: The Canadian version of shuffleboard.


Tell us what you think, what is your favorite obscure sport?

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